What is Duvora?
Duvora is a community of real estate agents and home buyers. Our team develops a strong connection with all members through phone interviews and qualification guidelines using a human interaction process to ensure quality. All qualified buyer needs are offered in form of a storefront (our homepage), where the anyone can search for buyers who match their inventory of homes for sale. When a seller finds a buyer need on our site which matches their home for sale, the seller can then reach out to the buyer directly, or through their real estate agent.
How do I signup?
If you a Real Estate Agent who wants to share your buyer needs, then please visit our signup page. Also, please have your Real Estate license number handy as you will need to enter it into the signup form.
Can only licensed real estate agents signup?
Yes, we require that you have a real estate license which is in good-standing. It is our policy to give our community the best and most professional experience, so we will always check your license to see if it is active and if there are any disputes or disciplinary actions against it.
How are your buyer leads different from other sites?
Unlike many of the other large home search sites, our home buyers are not served to you by an automatic, computer-driven algorithm. They are qualified by forming relationships with the buyer or buyer's agent through human interaction. Our team receives constant feedback from our community members via phone conversations, email and sometimes even meeting them in person during the home search process.
Do you take any of the commission from the sale?
No. We do not take any commissions from the sale if one of our buyers purchases a property through you. Please understand that if you submit a listing that is not your own to one of our buyers who is NOT represented by an agent, it is your responsibility to work out the commission split with the seller or any other agents involved in that particular listing.
Do you offer seller leads too?
No, we do not offer seller leads.
Where do you get your buyers from?
A great amount of time and resources are spent gathering qualified buyers for our site. Social media, real estate agent partnerships, personal referrals as well as teams which offer Open House sitting services are just some of the methods we use. Each buyer which signs up to our site is given a thorough phone interview to determine their qualifications and seriousness about buying a home. Throughout the duration of their home search process, routine follow up calls and outreach programs are performed to ensure that all information is accurate and their situation has not changed. The interaction between the buyer and our team is a HUMAN process, not an automated one. We are dedicated to both the buyer and the agent having a great experience on the site.
What is the difference between 'verified' buyers and un-verified ones?
Our 'verified' buyers have been verified by our team as having sufficient funds or loan pre-approval for the price point in which they are looking. Just look for the "Verified" stamp below each buyer profile pic.
Can I just pay you to get the buyer's contact information?
No. Our main focus is to provide an optimal service for our home buyers by giving everyone in our network an equal chance to contact them. Our service is very different from most; we place a strong emphasis on having home sellers ONLY submit listings which fit the buyer's criteria in order for the buyer to gain interest and choose to engage with them.
Are the portrait photos on the site the actual home buyers?
No. The photos are stock-photo representations of the actual home buyers, to protect their identity.
I'm an agent. What happens if I sign an exclusive buyer agreement with a buyer I met on Duvora?
Congratulations! This is great news. We want you to build relationships with our buyers and continue with your working relationship for many years. We simply ask that you tell us that you have entered into such an agreement, so we may remove them from our site for the duration of your exclusive agreement.
I'm an agent. How do I submit a listing to your buyers?
When a buyer is NOT being represented by a real estate agent, you can submit your listings, pocket listings, or other agent's listings to any of our buyers. Just click on the buyer you are interested in, enter the details of the listing by either entering its MLS ID or the address and clicking the "Submit This Listing" button.
If I submit a pocket listing, how do I know you won't steal it?
We are not Realtors and are not interested in getting listings or 'going behind' any of the Realtors on our site. If an NDA is required for you to submit a pocket listing, we will sign it on our behalf. When submitting, please specify that you do NOT want the full address released to the buyer and our system will not display it to them. If the buyer is interested in the property and contacts you, it is your FULL RESPONSIBILITY to provide the necessary documents to the buyer for them to sign in order to protect the release of the full address to them.
What happens when I submit a home for sale and the buyer has already seen it?
If you submit a listing and our buyer has already seen or is aware of the property, they will let us know internally (either via our internal feedback form, or via phone conversation) that they have seen this particular listing.
Why did the Duvora team not accept the listing I sent?
We reject listings if they do not meet the criteria specified by our buyers. For example, if a particular buyer is requesting a 3 bed 3 bath, Contemporary home and you send in a 2 bed 1 bath Spanish style home, then it will be rejected. Remember - the key to attracting our buyer's interest and having them reach out to you is to submit listings which meet their search criteria as closely as possible.
How can I get support for something which isn't working?
Please contact us support@duvora.com