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Search from hundreds of pocket listings added daily, or simply enter your client's search criteria into the platform to have pocket listings "matched" instantly to your buyer needs.

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Receive email alerts when your clients are matched to either a pocket listing, or if one of your listings is matched to a buyer need - it works both ways! Save yourself hours of searching on social media.

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When matches occur between listing agents and buyer's agents on our platform, you can reach out to the agent directly to set up a showing and close the deal.


Our platform matches your client to the perfect home, instantly.

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Customer Testimonails

"Duvora is a mastermind for off-market networking. It's really refreshing to be a part of a network of agents that want to share their information and make a deal happen. I'm on this site every day searching for my clients, and I just love how convenient and user-friendly it is."

Jessalyn Wanlim
Keller Williams, Studio City, CA

Customer Testimonails

"Duvora instantly matches my buyer-needs to pocket listings in just seconds.
It saves me literally hundreds of hours of searching.."

Marisa San Antonio
The Agency, Beverly Hills

Customer Testimonails

"Duvora is a fantastic tool that helps us agents with connecting buyers and sellers"

Rana Zand
Newport Beach, MBA, Realtor ®

What is Duvora for Real Estate Agents?

Duvora is the real estate matching engine that intelligently connects buyers, sellers and real estate agents, creating potential real estate deals in just seconds. As a real estate agent, your buyer-needs are intelligently (and instantly) matched to pocket listings, pre-mls properties and FSBO listings. Our technology goes above and beyond a simple lead service, by putting together potential real estate deals for you. Duvora saves you enormous amounts of time while helping you rapidly increase your number of successful closings.

How does it work?

There are three distinct features in our platform:

  • 1. Buyer-Need Marketplace
  • Our Buyer-Need Marketplace is a type of online store which features real estate buyer-needs in a brand new way. Much like shopping on Amazon.com, your buyer-needs are displayed in a sortable, searchable "store" format which makes it simple for home sellers and listing agents to find your buyers and match them with their property for sale.

  • 2. Pocket Listing Inventory
  • When you submit a pocket listing to Duvora, a few great things happen: Your pocket is INSTANTLY matched with pre-qualified buyers of real estate in mere seconds. Our intelligent platform learns (using tons of real estate data) what type of home listings would best match your client’s needs and matches them instantly. Duvora is very different from most pocket listing sites, which just post your pocket listing and hope that it will attract some attention. Our system is pro-active, rapidly searching over 260 different sources for qualified home buyers who exactly match your pocket listings. Close deals easier and quicker than ever before.

  • 3. Real Estate Agent Community
  • The most powerful tool you have as a real estate agent is your network. Not only your network of available properties and clients, but a network of other like-minded agents who are on the same mission as you: to close more deals.

    We’ve developed a start-of-the-art community inside Duvora which not only lets you communicate (in real time) with agents in (and outside) of your area, but every buyer need or pocket listing you post in our community stream is AUTOMATICALLY added to our system and matched with potential buyers, sellers and agents!

    Our community is for AGENTS ONLY - no vendors, no mortgage ads, no comment spam, etc. This creates a no-nonsense community of professionals who are dedicated to closing more deals together.

What does it cost?

Our free plan contains all the functionality you need to get started submitting your buyer needs, pocket listings and receiving deal matches. Sign up to our FREE plan here. Our paid plans (coming soon) offer much more functionality and flexibility.

What are the premium services?

Our premium services are tailor-made for high-producing real estate agents and brokerages and contain premium features such as Buyer Need Syndication, Real-Time Deal Alerts, Enhanced Buyer/Seller/Agent matching, as well as directly receiving potential seller and buyer leads. We also offer targeted postcards, a personal concierge service available to search pocket listings for you and much more.

How do I get more pocket listings?

The simplest way is to submit more buyer-needs to the system and it will create pocket listing matches for you. We encourage agents to receive pocket listings from our system by having an actual qualified client looking for a specific property.

How many deals should I expect?

The more you use our system, the more deals you will receive as a direct result. Our technology platform intelligently learns more about your needs and the needs of your client each time you make a submission, upload a pocket listing or participate in our community.

In other words, the more you use our platform, the more you will benefit.

Still have more questions? Check out our Agent FAQ


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