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Duvora is the real estate engine that intelligently adapts to your style, needs and personality to match you to the perfect home.

The Difference

We understand that your time is valuable, so we don't want you to waste any more time searching through hundreds of different websites. Our technology platform will find the exact home you are looking from thousands of home listings, both on and off-market (pocket listings). Our service contains no costs or fees.

How It Works

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Tell us, in detail, exactly what you want in a new home. Give us all the details regarding your desired area, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, pool/spa, stylistic preferences, price range, etc. using our online form.

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Our Team Will Contact You

A qualified member of our team will contact you and ask you a few simple questions to better refine your exact needs. These details will be sent to our network of hundreds of Realtors in your area who will search their inventory and send these results back to us.

Receive Quality Results

Quality Results Sent to You

Our team will filter out the results we receive from our Realtor network and send you only the best home matches via email. If you like any homes we send to you, we will put you in touch with the Realtor to schedule a showing and THAT'S IT!

Save Yourself Enormous Amounts of Time.

Using Duvora's home search technology, you get quality results delivered to you in a fraction of the time it would take by searching on your own. Our technology does all of this for you.

Quality Results

We help choose the best results for you, by staying in constant contact with each Realtor.

24/7 Management

Our team works around the clock to make sure your home search is going smoothly

Updates on YOUR schedule

You decide when you want updates. Frequent updates? Or infrequently. YOU decide.

Mobile Optimized

View home results, contact us, give feedback, etc. Optimized for hand-held devices.

Add More Details

Forgot to mention something on our form? No problem, just contact us and let us know.

Ever-Growing Network

Our network of Realtors and Property owners is huge and is constantly growing.

Property Listings
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Easy Online Form

Fill out our online form with details on your dream home and submit directly to our network.

Quality Home Results

Beautiful images, descriptions and home facts sent to your email for your convenience.

Fast Performance

Our network responds quickly to your home details, aggressively competing for your business.

Dedicated Team

Our team is dedicated to finding you the home you want. Well-trained and ready to assist you.

Adjust Your Parameters

Contact our team at any time along the way and adjust your wants and needs to get the best results.

Select The Possibilities

Choose only the homes which interest you, which teaches our staff about your style, needs and must-haves.

Schedule Frequency

You decide how often you want to receive updates and how many Realtors you want to work with.

Build Relationships

Meet Realtors for showings of the properties which interest you. Build working relationships in your area.

Fast Expanding Network

Our proprietary model for reaching Realtors in key locations allows us to expand our network exponentially.

1000+ Realtors searching for your dream home. All working for YOU.
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Optimized for Mobile & Touch Enabled Devices.

We understand that your time is valuable, that's why we've made sure that the search results you receive are 100% compatible with your mobile or handheld device. No apps to download either!.

Browse homes, send feedback, connect with us or update your search details, all from the palm of your hand.

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What Our Clients Say

Customer Testimonails

This is awesome. I filled out the form and started receiving homes which I really like. I'm getting much closer to buying my new home.

Steven Sui Business Owner
Customer Testimonails

I'm glad that someone finally figured this out. I was getting really tired of searching for my home on my own. Great job guys! :)

Rebecca O'Hara Mother of 2
Customer Testimonails

I already met with the realtor on a home I found on Duvora. Everything looks promising so far. Thank you for the service.

Bruce Bahlcom General Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. What happens after I fill out your online form?

After you submit your details regarding what you are looking for in a new home, our team will review your form and contact you to get further details. Once our network receives your details, they will begin a search through their inventory of homes and send matching properties back to us. We will then sort and filter those results and send you the best matching homes. If you are interested in viewing a particular property, feel free to contact the Realtor directly or we can contact them on your behalf. All of the Realtors in our network are fully licensed - in good standing - with the State and local government.

Q. Once I meet a Realtor from your site, can I continue working with them?

Of course! Our main focus is to have as many people working for YOU to find you your dream home. Finding a Realtor from our site puts you at a substantial advantage from just picking up the phone and calling a Realtor from an ad or "cold calling" a large brokerage. The Realtors in our network are hungry for your business and have expressed a desire to work hard to gain your business, as well as being pre-screened by us to make sure their license and reputation is in very good standing.

Q. Which housing markets do you currently serve?

Currently we only serve the Greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Please keep in mind we are aggressively expanding into other areas and forming new partnerships with real estate professionals in many other locations. If you are interested in another area and would like more information about its availability in our system, please feel free to reach out to us directly. As of this writing, we are actively engaged in forming partnerships with parts of Northern California, Orange County, parts of Nevada, Arizona and Oregon. If you are a real estate business owner, please reach out to us to find out how we can help your business.

Q. What happens after I find a home and go into escrow?

First of all, Congratulations! We couldn't be happier that we helped in finding the home which fits your needs. If you do find your dream home, please feel free to reach out to let us know and we'll change your status in our network to "found a home". This status change will stop your home search and you will no longer receive results from our network. Also, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know how your experience was with us. We are constantly improving and growing our service, so feedback from our customers is extremely important to us.