Sell With Less Days On The Market

Duvora® is the real estate engine that intelligently matches the uniqueness of your home to pre-qualified home buyers in seconds.

How It Works

1. Introduce Your Home

Enter your details about your home in a detailed questionaire.

2. Get Matched To Buyers.

Choose from our buyers looking for homes which best match yours.

3. Close The Deal.

The best buyer matches will contact you privately to set up a showing.


Sell faster with less days on the market.

Stop wasting time and money. Sell privately and discreetly.

How much time and money has your agent spent marketing your home to the wrong crowd? We form a relationship with home buyers and agents to fully understand what kind of home they want (as well as their financial qualifications) BEFORE they are added to our site.

This gives you a huge advantage over your competition, who are waiting around for their agent to promote their home properly and then waiting around for the right buyer to just show up.

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By getting into the buyer's mind and fully understanding their needs.

Our team works with buyers and agents in a series of outreach programs. Each outreach, consists of key topics which help us fully understand their needs in purchasing a new home. We have a very different approach for each type of home buyer.

Once each buyer is verified by our team, they are added to our site. If the buyer is interested in a property you sent, they will contact you directly and then you can move forward in the process of selling your home to them.

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Build Relationships. Become Partners.

Are you a real estate developer? Find buyers right now for your properties

Here at Duvora, we don't manage a business of selling you low-quality leads in bulk; we manage a business of building relationships. Ask yourself: What would having more buyer and agent relationships do for my business this year? What would a relationship with a buyer who buys a lot of homes each year do for my business?

Let us help you take your real estate business to the next level - STARTING TODAY!!

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Find the perfect buyer and sell your home faster.